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We have a simple philosophy, lighter beers are nothing to be afraid of! In fact they deserve the same loving craft treatment that IPAs get. To that end we are dedicating ourselves to creating lower IBU, lower ABV, beers that are super easy to drink, but have character. However we don’t drink shame, we have an extensive list of guest taps, that will always feature the best that New Mexico has to offer.

Blue Corn Cream Ale – 4.2% ABV, 9 IBU

Made with local organic blue corn, this hazy cream ale is light, crisp, with a faint earthy sweetness, and just a hint of fresh roasted corn on the nose. Great year round; pairing especially well with spicy foods. Come through and try our flagship beer that embraces a flavor that is uniquely New Mexican. (no dairy)

Pale Ale – 5.1% ABV, 49 IBU

The new and ever improving Pale Ale returns with a perfect iteration for spring. A light mouthfeel and refreshingly bitter punch make this an extremely enticing option as the days get longer and as the nights start to get warmer.

Extra Pale Ale – 4.3% ABV 25 IBU

This extra light pale ale is finished with local honey which gives it a nice dry finish with a bright floral nose. Just hoppy enough to offset the added sweetness. This beer is extremely easy to drink, making it hard to have only one.

Irish Red Ale – 4.7% ABV, 16 IBU

After a long lay off the Irish Red Ale has finally made its triumphant return. Featuring a lovely copper tone and a pleasantly light body this take on a classic style is perfect for the warmer months. Lightly nutty with a nice malt sweetness and a clean finish.

Rice Lager – 4.8 ABV, 7 IBU (Temporarily Out)

Keeping with our theme of light beers we have decided to tackle the domestic lager, and I think the big boys were on to something with this idea. Featuring almost 25% rice in the grain build this beer is crisp, light, and refreshing. Notes of sweet malt shines through on the mid-palate and nose giving it plenty of character before finishing extremely clean. On a hot day this is the beer you’re reaching for in the back of the fridge.

Stout – 4.3% ABV, 24 IBU

Okay for this one we’ve really lost our minds. We decided that adding wheat to the stout was the move and boy was this a funny gamble that paid off. Roasted malt give notes of bitter chocolate and coffee, and the wheat gives it a smooth, almost luxurious, mouthfeel. The way that these two play off each other is awesome and makes for a rich stout that isn’t cloyingly sweet while still coating your mouth in all that glorious stout goodness.

Bock – 4.7% ABV, 23 IBU (Rotating Tap)

In the beginning we had a dark lager but it never exactly hit the notes we wanted. So after spending most of a year closed a lot of our beers returned to the lab to be tinkered with so we could find the exact recipe that tickled our fancies and today we bring you the Bock. A deep amber lager with notes of roasted malt and bitter chocolate this is that perfect middle ground of a bit darker beer for those warmer summer months.

A Year from Helles – 4.8% ABV, 29 IBU (Rotating Tap)

Last year was truly a year from hell. We made a very bitter Helles to commemorate that. This year is starting to look up, but it is still a bitter bastard so far. To that end we took out a little bit of the bitterness and added a bit more body (as most of us have during quarantine). The result is a crisp somewhat bitter beer that goes great with the spring time temps.

Guava Wheat – 5.1% ABV, 23 IBU (Seasonal)

This seasonal is a sweet and tart way to start summer. With a bright note of guava on the nose, a grapefruit like tartness on the palette, crystal clear, and an almost orange tint this beer is an adventure for your senses. A light body and rounds out with a lingering guava taste the addition of a slice of grapefruit makes this the perfect accompaniment to these scorching early summer afternoons.

Hard Seltzer – 5% ABV, 0 IBU

There are few ways to describe nothing, but hopefully describing nothing with 5% ABV is a bit easier. The new Differential Hard Seltzer is just that, a neutral flavored base for our Hard Italian Sodas. Choose from any of our 24 flavor choices or mix them to craft your own personalized flavor profile. Go more minimalist and just add a splash of fresh orange, lemon, or lime juice. A gluten free and low calorie option to allow even more people to drink with there friends even if you have dietary restrictions that made you feel like you could never enjoy a craft brewery. Click here for flavors

Guest Beers

La Cumbre Elevated IPA

La Cumbre Sun Fade Hazy IPA

Bosque Elephants on Parade

Santa Fe Brewing 7k IPA

Steel Bender Tangerine Dynamite

Steel Bender Hard Apple Cider

Sandia Pineapple Cider


Vara Tempernillo

Vara Viura Blanco

Vara Dry Vermouth

Vara Sweet Vermouth

Vara Rosado

Vara Cava


New Mexico Ferments Kombucha

Various Cokes

Italian sodas

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